offers a large range of ideas for souvenirs and all your gifts : Mothers' and Fathers' Day, Birthday, Christmas, St Valentine's Day, ...
or simply to please you, at soft price :

  • Delicacies and sweets to raise, vary the daily meals and amaze your guests: artisanal and locally made chocolates, candies, organics herbs, spicies, tea and herbal teas, ...
  • Drinks with plants and fruits of Languedoc : fruits juices, aperitifs, liqueurs and wines
  • Arts and crafts: jewels, decoration and utensils made from local, precious wood, from recycled materials, by the craftsmen of the South
  • Cosmetics: soaps with natural and organic ingredients, cream and beauty care from products of the hive, from the olive, …

 And of course souvenir in the effigy of the Abbey of Caunes-Minervois!

handy items: eco-friendly stationnery, hardware and bookshop

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